Buying a New Home?

Are You Buying A New Home, Or an Investment Property? St. Gerald Homes Will Stand with You Every Step of The Way, Starting with The Initial State of Concept to The Final Interior Design of Your House. Get Hold Of The Ultimate Home Professionals To Perfect Your Dream Home, One That You And Your Family Will Enjoy For Many Years To Come. We are pleased to inform you that we taped the huge potentials in the Market to create a mutually beneficial platform.

St. Gerald Homes is a builder with an international reputation. We partner with Aryeh-Lion Nigeria Limited to strengthen our core values. A symbiosis of technology and experts lets us build picturesque houses and commercial buildings. Our constant endeavor to upgrade ourselves makes us the peerless builder of high-quality buildings, within specified time period. The trust and loyalty that we enjoy motivate us to deliver your home within a short time after payment, without fail.

Here is How You will Benefit from Our Transparent Services: Affordable Quality Homes: We guarantee your prompt and quality services at reasonable prices. Expert, with many years of experience: Our many years of experience in business makes us your best option. Trust: We are tested and trusted. Our customers’ testimonials can give you a better proof of this. We earned and maintain a truly good reputation. Effectiveness: We are very effective and totally focused on you success.

Communication: We maintain close relationship and good communication with our clients. In fact, your schedule is our schedule. We return all calls and emails promptly. We pride ourselves in setting and meeting realistic deadlines … customer support. St. Gerald Homes International Inc. helping you reach your reach goal of homeownership.

We value long-term relationships with our clients and will work closely with you to ensure that you have the services and resources you need. Our services meets global metrics and we are offering you this opportunity to work with us for guaranteed success. We have mastered our craft and want to share the benefits with you.

Here’s What Clients Are Saying About us! " Customer Testimonial (Send yours to us by e-mail)." This Estate is well thought out, this company is doing a good JOB! These homes a very affordable. <> <> "Customer Testimonial headline (Send yours by e-mail)." This Estate has all the necessary Amenities. I Like the fact that you have different locations. I believe the Lord will help me complete my payments. <> <> We Are The Best Option! So What Are You Waiting For? Contact Us Now And Join Thousands Of People Who Have Experienced The Power Of Our Service!!!

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What we are about

St. Gerald Homes, The Ultimate Home Builders St. Gerald HOMES is an international developer. We at S.G Homes have an agenda, our agenda is to stay loyal to our customers and deliver without any stories. We believe that happy homes lead to happy neighborhoods, happy neighborhoods mature into happy cites happy cities grow into happy states and happy states is what keeps a country together. Our engagement with a plethora of organizations, businesses, individuals, and governments make us the friendliest face in the industry. WATER FALLS ESTATES. Our vision and knowledge have inspired us to plan these master plan communities, spread over an area of many hectares Located in the scenic Nigerian cities.

it is a perfect place to find your dream home. A perfect peaceful country location with all modern amenities, it is already attracting many buyers. Gwagwalada location in Abuja and Its proximity to Abuja teaching hospital and a university campus; Kuje Location in Abuja and its proximity to centenary City; and Nsukwa in Aniocha South, Delta State Location and its proximity to Asaba State Capital make them perfect places to raise kids or enjoy a peaceful retired life.

Our affordability and dedication to quality have not failed to amaze our existing customers. With each month, our customer base is increasing with an increasing loyalty. To escape the perils of the city, move into this man-made paradise on earth.

Efficient Transport systems provided only for Estate dwellers have increased these convenient of these locations

Mission and Vision. Every House is built by a man, but God builds all things Our mission is to provide affordable housing to everyone, without any compromise in quality, or timeframe. Our vision is "To provide financing for everyone who is not able to get traditional financing". Our core values: Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility. Our Technology: Smart Homes, Modern, solar, Recycling, Renewable and Sustainability Why St. Gerald Homes

We focus on building stable and safe housing units in a short frame of time. Our engineers and builders have teamed up with the leading architects to create homes which have an aesthetic beauty to it. With a motto of Modernity in design, but traditional in values, we have nurtured the art of building with quality services and professionalism. The locations we choose become the epitome of development. We work hard to find and secure that perfect location to build your dream house. We choose scenic locations with ample greenery and modern amenities.

The locations have become one of our signature advantages.

The community that we create in turn, is of like-minded people so they can dream and prosper together. We are experts in helping people, help themselves. With experience and expertise as the backbone, we take on any challenge with the utmost professionalism. We will go to any lengths to solve your problems. If we are not on the same page, we come to your page. Please find our contact details below. We would be glad to hear from you.

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Real Estate and Morgage Terms

Let our Real Estate professionals simplify your Home buying process WATER FALLS ESTATES. Master planned communities are rated higher in appraisal process than single houses in non-master planned communities, even in different locations. The following appraisal processes proves this-

Highest and best Use: -Investment in Homes give the best return in money and or amenities, this is considered the most important in appraisal process. Water Falls Estates has plenty of amenities, that is why our customers choose. The best way to invest, is to start with the current price.

Principle of conformity: -states that maximum value is found when there is reasonable degree of similarity and sameness. Water Falls Estates Master planned communities has similarities, sameness with amenities in over 500 units of homes.

Principle of Anticipation: -Purchase price is affected by the expectation of future appeal and benefits- Homes appreciate yearly especially in an estate. The principle of balance: Mixed land use should result in maximum value for all properties involved (master planned communities demonstrate this principle.

Promissory Note; - Two Documents are involved in a mortgage loan-the promissory note and the mortgage, both are contracts. The promissory note establishes who the borrower and the lenders are, the amount of debts and the terms of repayment, and interest rate or finance charge. Must be signed by the borrower and accepted by the lender. The note is secured by the mortgage or deed of trust or assignment. Mortgage: - A document that makes property security for repayment of debt

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