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About US

Mission and Vision

Every house is builded by some man, but God builds all things

Our mission is to find affordable housing to everyone, without any compromise in quality, or timeframe.

Our vision is "to provide financing for anyone, who is not able to get traditional financing".

Our core values: Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility.

Our technology : smart homes, modern, traditional, solar, wind, recycling, renewable and sustainability

Expect high living standards in our master planned communities

St. Gerald HOMES is an international builder. We at St. Gerald Homes have an agenda, our agenda is to stay loyal to our customers and deliver without any stories.

We believe that happy homes lead to happy neighborhoods, happy neighborhoods mature into happy cites happy cities grow into happy states and happy states is what keeps a country together. Our engagement with a plethora of organizations, businesses, individuals, make us the friendliest face in the industry.

Current Project-Water Falls Estates

Our vision and knowledge have inspired us to plan this master planned communities, spread over an area of 43 hectares (106 Acres) Located in the scenic Gwagwalda, 10 hectares (26 Acres) Kuje, Abuja and 20 hectares (49 Acres) located in Nsukwa, Aniocha south Delta State Nigeria, it is a perfect place to find your dream home. A perfect peaceful country location with all modern amenities, it is already attracting many buyers at home and abroad Kuje's location proximity 5 km to Centinary city Kuje. Gwagwalada location is 30 Minutes to the airport. Close to Abuja teaching hospital and Abuja university, Aniocha location in 30 minutes to Asaba state Capital of Delta states, makes it a perfect place to raise kids or enjoy a peaceful retired life.

Our affordability and dedication to quality have not failed to amaze our existing customers.

With each month, our customer base is increasing with an increasing loyalty. To escape the the city noise, move into this beautiful suburb with trees and flowers. Several units of houses are to complete in Phase 1, after which Phase 2 will take off consisting of another set of housing units. Phase one prices are discounted.


Why ST. Gerald Homes?


Buses transportation to and from estate to Abuja city centre daily. school buses for children and students within the estate.


24 hours electricity (solar power and standby noiseless generator) 24 hours water supply, (bore hole and storage tanks) security guards-Fenced Estate-Access Gates surveillance cameras-towers at security gates-security alams-street lights-fire trucks

Building Features & Options

spacious private backyard, cable tv-furnished interiors media centre-laundry (commercial washer & dryers) smoke alarms-staff quarters spa-whirlpool-jacuzzi paved streets-garbage pick up balcony -cul-de-sac courtyard-garage parking trees,flowers, green area-garage parking
Flood drainage systems Parking-Patio-Visitors Parking Media Wi-F- Quiet location Main


American- Nigerian International Schools. Quality Child Care -Primary Elementary Secondary- Middle & High School. Comprehensive Intenerated Curriculum Schools you can afford. Discount for estate dwellers.Sports Facility Mini Golf-Bike Riding-Playground Parks & horseback riding Bicycle and Jogging Trails Basketball court- Lawn Tennis Soccer/Football Field- Racket ball
Swimming pools-Skating Arena- Laundry Complex equipped with Commercial washer and dryer

Commercial Section

Shopping Center-Office complex-Modern Mini Market Supermarket/Grocery Store-Restaurant Office suites Complex Locations for Companies and Industries (Employment boost) Health Center Ambulance-Chemist –Drug Store-Clinic International Hospital



1. Q-What is required to get started?
A-Fill out initial application, pay $56.00 or N20,000 Naira, none refundable application fees; Make your cash deposit if paying full cash or make your first monthly payment on website payment portal or deposit inour company's account given to you. A- Keep your receipts and documentation.

2. Q-Do you accept cash payments?
A-No. we do not accept cash. All payments go through our secured payment portal or through our bank information given to you.

3. Q-How many years are the houses for and at what are the interest rate?
A-Vacant Land is cash prices only. Houses and Condominium/apartment are financed at 11 percent finance charge, Longer term finance is at 9% or varies by locations. 4.

4. Q-Is there a discount for full cash payment?
A-Yes there is a discount for full cash payment, Cash prices are lower than financed prices. 5.

5. Q-When does construction on my home start and when can I move in to my home or rent out my home?
A- Cash buyers and customers with 5 years payment plans should expect to move in one year depending on your location. A- Finance buyers should expect to move in within 3 years years. A- Finance buyers will continue to make payments after move in unlike cash buyers. 6.

6. Q-I am buying only land, when do I start building on my land or lot?
A-You can start building on your land or lot after complete payment and infrastructural fees. 7.

7. Q-Can I use my own plan and build on my land or Lot.
A-Water Falls Estates is a deed restricted neighbourhood, therefore you cannot use your own plans, you can only use St. Gerald homes approved plans. 8.

8. Q-What homes can I build on my purchased land?
A-You may build only 3-4 bedrooms bungalow (one story), 4-5 bedrooms duplex (single family homes). A-You may not build condominium/apartment or any commercial properties on your land, but you may buy any available for sale. 9.

9. Q-Can I have a traditional bank finance my homes?
A-You definitely can use traditional banks or morgage companies, and your are encouraged to compare other sources of finance. 10.

10. Q-How many years do I pay for the Infrastructure fees?
A-Infrastructure fees are assessed for one year only per land unit ot house or condo/ Apartment 11.

11. Q-What do infrastructure fees cover?
A-Infrastructure fees cover paved roads, side walks, drainage system, Internal Electricity transmission, Street lights water wells/bore wholes and other related services. 12.

12. Q-Do you offer property management services for investors?
A-Yes property leasing and sales services are available for individuals and companies who need the services. 13.

13. Q-Do you offer Refunds?
A- You are encouraged to continue your home buying process. Refunds are offered only first 2 years before move in.You will not be behind any payments to receive refunds. A- First year refunds 15% principal. A-Second year refund 20% of principal A- No refunds therafter. There are no refunds for registration fees. There are no refunds on finance charges or interest rates. 14.

14. Q-Are there associated closing costs?
A-. Yes, closing costs cover attornies fees, title fees, registeration fees, processing and deed of assignment fees. It is about 2% of the house cost. 15.

15. Can I sell my home after I move in??
A- You have to contact St. Gerald Homes when you sell your property, Aryeh-Lion-St Gerald Homes will give deed of assignment (tranfer title) to the new buyer.

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